A sunny day

Todayis来自reallyasunnyday,Ihavebeenplaningtomakeanexcursionintheafternoonsinceyesterdayeveni衡手成翻苦香判从落动ng.Hikingaretootiresome,somysis约跑精菜调仍执即飞零往tersaid,shewanttotakeustoZhuhaiCity,thatpreciseplacemaybecalle360国学dCentralValley.Furthermore,wetalkedabouttonight'smovie,wewillseethemovie'spiderman',averyfamousAmericanth编将等于介别弱执低rillerinHollywood.Moreover,iwilltakemygirlfriendtobuyso谁终皇本这mebaitfortheholidays'fishingday,irememberit ...


My beatuiful town英语作文

MyhometownisinJ主距吗老杆给阿愿远uxianCounty,andIhavetobeamazedwhen江敌官义仅还Imention游划策具益计害均元治itSSpringalarmclockawakenedthe又尽州何意课mountainsofflowersandtrees,andsleepingforayea用度命任衣识攻歌吗秋刘rofbutterflies,usheredinagroupoflovelybirds.Tomb-sweepingdayarrived,现答alotofoldpeoplearetakingtheirgrandchildrentogoonanoutin差济站病gonthehillgreen,aflockoflivelyandlovelylittlegirlsareinbetweenbeautifulclumpflutte初棉临全策延rbutterfly.Theoldmantalkedandlaughedintheshade.Theskyw ...



My favorite 卷高配festival is Spring festival,It is inportant holiday in 号纸场印鲁且杨她演切every year .First, it is a goo考常社d chance to res下耐t after a yea张知随鸡构即办r 's hard work . It is a great pleasure to prepare for the festval ,by shopping and cleaning up.And Spring Festival can bring many friend peo导候ple. And we can 的强矛验冲参值stay at togethe兰请假r, watching TV , playing the cards and singing.Secondly, the celebration of the Spring Festival high ...


the first time作文带中文翻

It's the first time that I use the blog to 则先轴圆两着夜write diaries.You may ask me why I 'd like to write in E福剧买提nglish,well,the 转位紧万念answer is eas列说和劳船y, I just want to improve my writting English.But I haven't become used to this blog.For I used to write in QQ Zone. I think it's more 额投她胡项室大投行阶beautiful than 乡与转凯故若话多散图the one,however,not very easy. In other words,it seems a little difficult and the speed is usually too slow ...



Myfavoritecartoonfilmis"KungFuPanda".Beauseit'sveryfunnyandinteresting.Thestorywasgreatandthebackgroundwasbeautiful,itreallyfeltlikeanancientChinesecity.Somanypeoplelikeit.InthiscartoonmoviethecharacterwhoIm兰检等ostlikeisthepandaA展持称与战晶rabLeaguevaluable.Becauseitnotonlyunus时在歌uallovableanda选特青鲁显通适速nnoysthehumanto单题like,moreoveristhiscartoonmovie'slead.ButIdidnotdenythatotherrolesalsoverymuchannoytheaffec ...



Confidence is es了较使素sential for everyone. Only establishing confidence can we accomplish our goal. Nevertheless, many people especially teenagers are lack of confidence. What a serious problem! How to develop confidence?First o陆画f all, we shou伤果还蛋文ld aware of our own advantages. Though nobody is perfect, we ca销流n be proud of own advantages. In this way, we can adapt the pressu按已式战re of contemporary society.Se由脸印工condly ...



now , we have great pleasure in troducing you our company. our company is found before several decade and producting all kinds of digital products. have made a market research,we find that these t含挥硫输号喜规办日从水hings make our lives easier.the digital p苏往沉径控roducts l讨苏同假专承取介阻官ike the computer and the ce孙八止造伟甲达成富ll phone have completely made a great impact on our life. t酒培建客波拉赶七传hese products 还举额坏决排神久下受只have both led t请置做o much greater efficiency in many aspect ...



People's opinion about donating vary from person to person. Some people think it is a very good thing .They hold this opinion because it could save somebody's life.However others don't insist on donating blood because it may cause some illnesses. As to me I am in favor of the first idea.The following is the reasons for my choice.First when it is right time that is somebody may lack of b ...



关于法国的英语范文【一】I would like to visit France. As most of the travellers know, France is a very attractive country. I would like to appreciate travellers to visit there not only because of its beautiful scene, ...


暑假英语作文:Summer Holiday in Taiwan

初三暑假英语作文300字:summer holiday in taiwansummer can be very hot in southern taiwan where the temperature usually goes up to 32c or more. because of the heat it is a trying experience to go to school or do anything ...