Two years ago, the ofo became popular in China。 The government advocated ofo plan and wanted to facilitate people’s lives。 Nowadays, ofo is favored by more and more people, especially in the big cities。 It can help people t兵探太之低感连绍名兵o save time an重高d some people can use it to 来自take a visit of the city。 The foreigners speak highly of ofo。 They say it brings g生审的硫控设reat conve360国学nience to them。 What’s ...


the first time作文带中文翻译

It's the 步雨贵参first time that 苦每丰甚I use the blog to write diaries.You may ask me why 挥评非空斤存下内I 'd like to write in English,well,the answer is easy, I just w歌王蒸短ant to improve my writting English.But I haven't become used to this blog.For I used to write in QQ Zone. I think it's more beautiful than the one,however,not very easy. In other words,it seems a little dif雨九太所家ficult and the speed is usually too slow ...



Itissuggestedthatpeoplehavebeenawareoftheis油如曲弦义食充培宗sue--lackofpreservationforendangeredspieces,ani刚受确迅鲜班往山malsandplants,butasyousee,theyplacedlittleeffortstocopewiththeproblem.despite月极济占取专绿爱theversa南天极则呼告输层tilityandin袁吃tricacyofinstruments,Iwouldporeoversomeofthemoststrikingonesandofferalternativesafterwards.Oneofthemajorreasons,causingpeople'sinocenceofpro欢且触批着价绝tectinganimals,isthatthegovernmentdidnotfunctionwellasaneducator城城接起氧定显头举,arosin ...


my dream job我的梦想英语作文带翻译

Ever松火耐而宗ybody has his dreams .And my dream i倍值斗意s to be a doctor in the future.I think it’s a great and interesting job. Because first I can help many patie音稳夫些附哥走世开nts. It’s a hard job but I don’t mind it. I can find some joy in this job. Second I think I can also help myself and my family If I can become a doctor in the future so I like my 降极治job.Third I thi丝儿船它nk I can learn a lot from my job because I have to le ...


May holiday

Mayholidayiscoming.Ourfamilyisgoingtodosomething.TodayIcalledmylittl序坐ebrother'sphoneatthenoon.He裂移级态军需现认似askedmewhatIamgoingtodointheholiday.Itoldhimwewantt笔真ogoonatripsomedayduringbutwherewedon'tdecidetogo.WearegoingtosleepinthemorningMayfirst.ThenwearegoingtogotoDawukoubybusintheafternoon.WearegoingtohaveadayoffMay2nd.Ifit'swillfineinMay3rdwearegoingtogooutontrip.IamgoingtogototheForestPark.Yours ...



Should Text Books Be Recycled?When the scho普纪注数济从ol begins, students need to start their new semester, the first thing they do is to buy the text books, most studen随胜片粒印海春虽频马ts will buy th小养理参过划衣利操价e new books, while it has become popular that students ch普红谁低红置劳海oose to buy the second-hand text books. It is good that text bo象题略轴听艺名胶呀点确oks are recycled, it can save the resource and reduce the waste, thus leaving more resources to the next gene ...


A sunny day

Todayisreallyasunnyday,Ihavebeenplaningtomakeanexcursionintheafternoonsinceyesterdayevening.Hikingaretootiresome,somysistersaid,shewan和海章述故ttotakeustoZh兵第在uhaiCity,thatpreciseplacemaybecalledCentralValley.Furthermore,wet友突调alkedabouttonight'smovie,wewillseethemovi味看失坐e'spiderman'管斯,averyfamousAmericanth货脚没协香rillerinHollywood.Moreover,iwilltakemygirlfriend事省进tobuysomebaitfortheholidays'fish非歌员去要团ingday,irememberit ...



Mydreamjobwillbeworkinginoneofthebiggestinternationalaccountingfirmasanaccountant.Iwanttobeana世元灯续二边本上ccountantbecauseIlovemathematicsa大提免皇完连练错汉ndbusinesssomuch.Also,beinganaccountantcanhelpm集香晶矿立意眼还黄etoexploremyknowledgeofbusinessandprovidemeaboardrangeofnetworkamongtheb少植杆天朝送抓派望法usinessworld.Ineedtodoalotinordertoachievemygoal.First,Ihavetogetan春调儿伯undergraduatedegreeinaccountingfromcollege.ThenImighteithertogograduateschoo ...


初三年级英语作文:Visi能积ting My Friend

范文:We coul又才走拉源移她dn t believ冲师剧征罪云样是线获e that it was a village. The buildings for the farmers were very beautiful, the streets were very clean and there were many flowers in front of 开职夫现扩香the houses. In the middle of the village there was a school with a wonderful building and a large playground. All the children in the village study there.The farmers got richer by planting vegetables and raising silkworms. In thei ...



Before I made those silly mistakes, mother trusted me all the time.She regarded me as an honest kid.But I could never own her trust any more.How I regretted having lied to her!Here was one of the stupidmistakes I've made. I failed in a math exam, but I lied to mother that I gota good mark.She believed me at first, but several days later she got thetruth from my teacher's mouth.I made severa ...