study and play学习和玩耍的英语作文

everyone has to study, going to school o其世景父ccupies a lot of people’s time, before they go to work, they need to study in the school. in china, students w江章切低边阻妒员尼明ork very hard, for they have a lot of pr360国学essure, they have many exams to take, so students are immerged into t车粮与风he books all the time. wh紧照乱主ile studyin防积着先群g all the time is not good for students, they need to go out of the classroom and take in som信气北资面办论立二知学e fresh air 良据画...


表面之下 Under the Surface英语作文

The American popular female singer Lady Gaga is famous for creating the fashion. Of course, the fashi需终度血on she created is not accepted by the old generation but is admired by the young people. They believe that it stands for their individua势真些伤lity. There is one thing that is neglected by so many people, whi亲队质奏短法跑ch is Lady Gaga has great talent i响发年构创卫责令菜n music. Before she got famous, she wrote many songs and s谁久盟运倒棉乡金段he was ...



MynameisLiming.I'm14yearsold,andIstudyinNo.1MiddleSchoolofHangzhou.Myschoolisverybigan孩哥们部开讨dbeautiful.I'mveryhappyintheschool.Iusuallygetupat6:15inthe汉厚morning.ThenIdomorningexercisesintheplayground.At6:40,Ihavemybreakfast.Youcanseemanystudents底觉完andteachersinthedinningroom.Afterbreakfast,Ioftenrea顶价乎扬的细改研dEnglishwithmyclassmates.Wehavesixclasseseveryday.Thefirstclassbeginsat7:50am.Il风既议宜扩黄试逐含本ikealltheclassesformytea ...


英语作文:A Shy Classmate

Chang Yuxian is my best friend.I think he's a handsome 双要话宽审袁随boy.He came to our school half a year ago.He's very shy in class, but not a stupid boy.常予先是我最好的朋友。我觉得他是个帅气的男孩。他来到我们学校已经有半年了。他在课堂上很害羞,但他决不是个愚蠢的孩子。Every time when the teachers ask us some questions, he doesn't often put ...



During the winter vacation, nothing is different for my life. I wake up 11 o'clock am everyday, after a washing, i have a good l急实unch with my parents. Next i play computer games till the time to have suppe画矛川r. After have dinner. I go on playing till 2 o'clock am, and then go to sleep with tired. This is one dull day of my winter vacation.But i haven't b想孙ored all the time. Sometimes i read t ...


九年级英语作文 How to keep a good mood

参考范文:Taking hot water shower makes your whole body comfortable. At the same time, you are full of energy .Drinking a cup of warm milk before you hit the hay helps you step into sleepy state quickly .A elegant surrou音岁面距鲁根nding in your room also helps you fall asleep fast.To eat more delicious food satisfies your stomach within the enduranc脸边升转既那京二e of your confidence and relaxes your bod创心东施味y.It is quite e ...



参考范文:As a middle school student of junior three, i do sports one or two hours a day, such as doing morning exercises, playing basketb倍星苗普续all, long-dist但含汽何陈胞治笔激ance running and so on. i think it is very helpful to 假段附鲜样me. taking e院九师名音只树xercise makes me healthier so that i won’t be ill very often.what’s more, i also get myself rela究草画xed in different kinds of sports, and then i do the better job ...



Dear(BosssN脸已命令德ame),Iappreciatedtheopportunitytomeetwithyouyesterdayaboutthepo生哪答异法句置眼木sitionof(jobtitle)with(CompanyName)。Ireal父风lyenjoyedmeetingwithmembersoftheofficeandlearningaboutthejob。Theentireteamc质所ertainlyseemtobehighlyskilledandmotivatedandthewo部五许判价掌而联rkitselfseems察船侵州只拿探胜兵抓asrewardingasitischallenging。Fromourdiscussion,Igainedastrongsenseof(CompanyName)smitmenttotheirclientsandtheiremployees。Ialsoenjoyedourd ...



Shanghai is my hometown. I was born and raised in Shanghai. Its chang通随比余es I see in my eyes and remember in my heart. I remember when I was only th厚轴航都支ree or four years old, I learned the Oriental Pearl TV Tower f告着者香影革句or the first time from the literacy card. I knew it was the tallest tower in Asia at that time 全实续破and the world third. I always thought it was the tallest building in Shanghai. But gradually I rea ...


初三年级期末英语作文 Dolphin

范文DolphinIn the vast ocean live many creatures with great intellectual and physical capa清终cities. Dolphin is one of those great creatures, whose capacities to think and move at an astounding ra检短现受亮te puzzle those who study their behaviors, Dolphins possess something that makes them different from all the other sea creatures. It is not strength or speed but the size of their brains. Dolphin's brai ...