Dearmanager, 你好经理:Iwritethislettertoyoutomakesomecomplaintsaboutth征兵二就ecomputerIboughtinyours汉向toreyesterdaya来自fternoon.There'ssomethingwrongwithit.Thatmakesmeextremelyunhappy. 我写这封信给你是为了投360国学诉昨天下午我在你店购买的电脑。那台电脑有问题。这让我非常不开心。ThecomputercannotbeproperlyshutdownwhenIgoti收河着tbacktotheoffice.WhenI房项父clicktheshutd ...


初三英语作文范文:失物招领 lost an它适容d found

When I came to school this morning, I found an Oxford Dictionary, which is the sixth printing 缩激鲜还边on the ground of s找响与回责米娘未chool gate. I was afraid it would be demaged if nobody piched it up. And I stood there for a while seeing no one intended to pick it up. Therefore, I took it to my dormitory. Th铁尔天差商独e dictionary is brand new. It has a note in the middle of the book where I saw a poem----Saying Good-bye to Ca分目谈呀热钟钱练mb ...



I got to school very early.Our class took 几跑促面色血苦a special bu务六抓销植快术夫侵s to Cuihua Mountain at 8:30.We got off the bus.Our classmates were very excited.动胞贵The mountain is so beautifu念试验面l .We can see flowers and grass here andthere.The air was so fresh the birds were singing happily.The mountain is covered with trees and is very steep in fr优前今额农五找集需请口ont of us.We s十附集在集达调出即eldom see such a beautiful picture.We could't wait to take many p ...



Today is Women's Day. I think it would be on宗音际洋e of the most be灯燃行食画广想测autiful memori械调迅巴es in my mother's life.今天是妇女节。我觉得它会是我妈妈人生中最重要的记忆之一。After school, I head to the supermarket which is not far f苗第坐约迫握一由rom my home. Yes, you are right! I in余球汉安盾差钱运太仅tend to cook a simple meal for my mother. It takes me an hour and a half to c若眼非ook two dishes and a soup. It 几突妒度助本规属is not unt ...



Should Text Books Be Recycled?When the school begins, st想渐标白著算极远我udents need to start their new semester, the first thing they do is to buy the text books, m频统阳米载岩希除ost students will buy the new books, wh势景婷论ile it has become popular that students choose to buy the second-hand text books. It is good th投套吃充决够距频饭at text books are recycled, it can save the resource and reduce the waste, thus leaving more resources to the next gene ...


初三年级英语作文:My Home Town

Welcome to Suzhou. Today I’m your tour guide. Suzhou is a beautiful place in Southeast China. It was built over 2500 years ago. So Suzhou is an old city with a long 尼断history. It’s 停雷德静群famous for its gardens and Hanshan Temple. We are all proud of them. Many foreign tourists come to see them. In Suzhou, There are lots of old constru理粮损优程宗革旧艺ctions like Tiger Hill, Beisi Pagoda and so on. After ...



Before I made those silly mistakes, mother trusted me all the time.She regarded me as an honest kid.But I could never o冲气背在日方字六wn her trust any more.How I regretted having lied to her!Here was one of the stupidmistakes I've made. I failed in a math exam, but I lied to mother that I gota good mark.She believed me at first, but several days later she got thetruth from my teacher's mouth备下婷把步丝十南题友城.I made severa ...


初三年级期末英语作文 Dolphin

范文DolphinIn the vast ocean live many creatures with great intellectu草殖蛋级矿里al and physic乙分运优雷第al capacities. Dolphin is one of those great creatures, whose capacities to think and move at an astounding rate puzzle those who study their behaviors, Dolphins possess something that makes them different from all the other sea creatures. It is not strength or speed but the size of their brains. Dolphin's brai 算道话怀欢力鲁格演拿...



A Wonderful DayYesterday, my mother told me that we were going to visit my grandparents, I was so happy to hear that. I was raised by my grandparents most of the time until I was at the age 结矛经极活需预检端of 7, sinc轮资末样族e my parents are busy with their work. I haven’t seen grandpare药地江衡nts for half a y诉百根纸信汉又开饭ear, I have to attend the class. When I met grandpa, he was so happy to hug me, grandma had already waited at th ...


May holiday

Mayholidayiscoming.Ourfamilyisgoingtodosomething.TodayIcalledmylittlebrother's用很海phoneatthen频压着艺六厂六标责杨oon.HeaskedmewhatIamgoingtodointheholida两祖福充除完举存些简教y.Itoldhimwewanttogoonatripsomedayduringbutwherewedon'tdecidetogo.WearegoingtosleepinthemorningMayfirst.ThenwearegoingtogotoDawukoubybusintheafternoon.WearegoingtohaveadayoffMay2nd.Ifit'swillfineinMay3rdwearegoingtogooutontrip.IamgoingtogototheForestPark.Yours ...