my dream我的梦想英语作文带翻译

Now I want to say something about my dream. What is m案自蛋属y dream? I often ask myself. In my mind, everyone shall have h来自is own dream. I think tha显套味状仍动百t having a dream means that we have an idea, and then we will do a伯快白烟任路除ll the things to achieve the target. As long as we have a goal to be realized, we won’t be blind at least.My dream is to become a successful doctor, helping those sick peopl360国学e and saving their l ...



Today is Wome行适肉书重n's Day. I think it would be one of the most beautiful memories in my mother's life.今天是妇女节。我觉得它会是我妈妈人生中最重要的记忆之导仅依热王亮小排径定一。After school, I head to the supermarket which is not far from my home. Yes, you are right! I i扩总ntend to cook a simple meal for my mother. It t决神干你紧指迅溶akes me an ho灯背罗温责殖交ur and a half to cook two dishes and a soup. It is not unt ...



Lastsummervacation,myfamilyandIwenttoQingdaobytrain.Therewasalwayssunshineandfreshair,whichmadeussocomfortable.Wewenttotheseaside,theseawasasblueasthesky,andbathinginthesunshineonthebeach,wasreallyanenjoyablething.Ialsopickedupalotofcolorfulshellswithmylittlesister.Thereweboughtmanyinterestingsouvenirs,Iwasplaningtosendthemtomyfriends.Weatemanytingsthere,suchasfish,prawn,andsoon.Theyareverydeliciou ...


healthy habits作文带中文翻译

This week, 领载量I was not happy. Bec全法占规镇字甲事践ause I felt t按委色万植务单运明它ired and weak. And I had a fever.Y传威级室式esterday, I went to the hospital with my father. The doctor gave me much me苦却dicine,and advised me, "You should drink water as much as possible. And then,you should have a good rest."本周,我不太快乐。因为我感到疲惫和虚弱。我昨天发烧了。昨天,我的父亲与我去医院。医生给了我 ...


初三年级期末英语作文 Dolphin

范文DolphinIn the vast ocean 华士林乐子分例料须剧难live many creatures with great intellectual and physical capacities. Dolphin is one of those great creat热知料岁异ures, whose capacities to think and move at an astounding rate puzzle those who st让云垂微udy their behaviors, Dolphins possess somet若议述聚非先培hing that makes them different from all the other sea creatures. It is not stren迫官品掌哪演表陈随gth or speed but th室书雷e size of their brains. Dolphin's brai ...



The sunset i送木严雷蛋改啊听s very beautiful and lovely. Its scene is as wonderful as a 掌调证娘sunrise but it is even more beautiful to watch it in the country than in th劳设胞e city.When t资边代该器律he sun begins 空十推to set behind the mountains, its long rays light up the green fields. The clouds in the sky also 士制朝系begin to glow with 括江适胜九认秋期山a golden light, and the mountains are really colourful.When the sun begins to set behind the mountai尔易说张鲁固袁斤老n, it looks ...



含重烧导克苏合食Mynameis________.Iamgraduatefrom________seniorhighschoolandmajorin________.Thereare________peopleinmyfamily.Myfatherworksinacomputercompany.Andmymotherisahousewife.Iamtheyoungestoneinmyfamily.Inmysparetime,I拿个选二医谓liketorea境知儿批里掉研激地晶dnovels.Ithinkreadingcouldenlargemyknowledge.Asfornovels,Icouldimagi击促给质newhatever约心轮端型只攻酸娘检Ilikesuchasawell-knownscientistorak更刑团ung-fumaster.Inadditiontoreading,Ials望绝者事吧运鲁oliketoplayPCgames.Alotofgrownupsth ...



母亲总是为我们着想,我们应该感谢她。那次,母亲发现我发高烧,马上背着我去小诊所治病。母亲呼吸变斯杆划测叶鲜文皮年得急促起来,我知道妈妈不是经常运动,去小诊所的路程又有点远。“母亲,放我下来担各需新相算讲投段被,让我自己走,”我说道,“不行,你是我的宝贝,我不会放你下来!”母亲用坚定的审川般意特期语气回答我,我潸然泪下。 ...



My favorite festival is Spring festiv境并轻殖击础蛋厚占跟al,It is inportant holiday in every year .First, i直北夫翻践预们伯似突t is a good c假上行帝况扩交福己同hance to rest afte免鱼听永易类及马兴序富r a year 's hard work . It is a great pleasure to prepare for the festval ,by shopping and cleaning up.And Spring Festival can bring many friend people. And we can stay at together, watching TV , playing the cards and singing.Secondly, the celebration of the Spring Festival high ...



Confidence is essential for everyone. Only establishing confidence can we accomplish our goal. Nevertheless, many people especially teenagers are lack of confidence. What a serious problem! How to develop confidence?First of all, we should aware of our own advantages. Though nobody is perfect, we can be proud of own advantages. In this way, we can adapt the pressure of contemporary society.Secondly ...