man can imitate things in nature and m来自ake new things to h师振门士友责elp us improve our living conditions, i want to explain the meaning of conqu散态穿陆条迫er, lu ban. on 360国学the basis of o逐胶方都盐ne kind of grass. 直州厚living harmoniously with nature is the goal and we can make itmen can conquer nature many people say that nature', material and so on, but tame it. radar is used widely in military affairs, the famous artisan of our ...



Mywinterholidayisintersting,mywinterholidayisveryinteresting.IcanplayacomputerandwatchaTVinthehome.Istillreadsomegoodbooksinthewinterholiday.Becauseoftheplanofvalueresultofoursch乎父获ool,letustimeoffewlessonremaining.Alsoopportunitytohavenodoestheaffairthatlikestodo.So,thewinterholidaylikedtootome.Butagainscho著张为oledbeginsqu受正树里照已研王固ickly,itsbeovermea掌球除林笔七菜乐石nsakindofanotherlifeofbeginning,myinthemindhavealittlelonging,als ...



May1stistheinternationallaborday.Itisadayfortheworkingpeopleoftheworldtostriveforfreedom.Thisfestivalisalong-awaitedfestivalforourpupils.Inthisfestival,Icanopenmyheart,happily,happily,freetosendanddom浓沉矛曲相三德inatemyowntime.Ontheoneha划般nd,wecanrelaxourmindsandrelievefatigue.Ontheotherhand,wecanbroadenourhorizonsandbroadenourhorizons.Ididn'tgooutlikeotherchildrenintheMay1holidaythisye立我展及倒易术营货晚和ar.Iarrangedmyholidayp ...


my happy day快乐的一天英语作文带翻译

I went to the zoo with my friends last Sunday.It was hot and sunny that day. It took us about two hours to get there by bus. There were thou河味结居sands of p业志器香销周植eople in the zoo. 愿效间免相We saw lots of animals, such as, pandas, kangaroos, polar bears, giraffes, e电京清吸调若众lephants, tigers, wolves, snakes and so on. We also saw th京断剂然仍量始e elephant show. The elephants were so clever that they could do lots of thin料渐本不门gs like us. At noon we ...


new term新学期打算英语作文带翻译

The new term is coming and I will be wiser and wiser, because i will learn more knowlege.I will do more meanin多何gful things that i 许伯同植须费打百银长色think.First落弦目,I will get back to my everyda伯调我算y activities, s也轴告迅顾京器点却uch as:Ping pong,football and bas温绿附罪假ket ball.Sports are really interesting,aren't they?Second,i will read more books,just as the saying goes:the more ,the better.It's true that I will know more about the world a ...



My favorite animals are swans.They are white.They can swim very well.I think they look like a beautiful girl in a white dress.They have a pair of wings and they can also fly well.I believe they are 巴究秋达普angles from the sky.They bring us love and make us ha垂反仅ppy.They are a投距错席这景消速lways friendly to us.We c联短字名余an't hurt them,because they are our friend.I love them!I like dogs,too.They are not beautiful,but they are ...



I have many dreams.For example, I want to be rich in the future. Therefore I can buy all what I want.But my greatest dream is that I want to be an football player矛罗序距.And I want to 由官百拉够三lead the Chinese team won the World Cup Our co杆岁解受心岩呢untry develops fast and our s劳下垂父年益理例强仅port make great progress in the last several decades. It has great achievements. All of our country are proud of it. Therefore I want to be one of ...



With the help of 当紧the Internet, shopping is not a difficult job. Just clic类物缩胜k your mouse to choose the article you like, and the shopping is finished. You needn't step out of the room.It seems easy and quick. But there's always a trap(陷阱) online. If you are careless, it will bri光低以什九这员ng you some trouble. You may find the color of the article is di赶真资吧谈交fferent from what you want, 先怎书市本庆or the size is either ...


on the internet作文带中文翻译

The In河李院状啊向大立temet has become more and mor配只知品保定e common and prornised to change our life dramatically beyond emails and online shopping.Its benefits can be well illustrated in the following aspects. In the first place,the Internet provides an easy access to all kinds of informa适格tion which contributes to relieve us of laborious 服顺刻觉使亮你免传客频work save our time facilitatc our lives. In the second place the Internet has 斤空部际老孩依础确exten ...



oct3,1999,sundayrainyitwasrainingoutsidewhenigotupearlyinthemorning.it'stoobad,ihadtogotoschoolbybus.isaidtomyself.itwasalmostseveno'clockbeforeilefthome.iputonmyraincoatandrantothebusstopinahurry,forithoughtalotofpeoplemightbewaitingthere.hardlyhadigottherewhenabuswascoming.igotonthebusimmediately,hopingitwaspossibleformetotakeaseat.isawanemptyseatandtookit.butifoundanoldladystandingbehind ...