How many times sweat profusely, injury had full memory, just because always believe, to strive to win. Always encourage yourself, to success have to work hard. Blood is on the pitch, the giant rises on the pitch. Believe in yo止著黄影练盟染蛋水urself, you will win, create miracles; Believe in yourse齐误林换lf, the dream is in your hands, this is your world. When all the past, you wi360国学ll be the f侵保胡irst. Believe in yourself, you ...



Practice is very important, we cannot be separated from practice everywhere, like Madame Curie, she discovered radiu号风粒采却m, but by all kinds of difficulties, but, her perseverance扬策, will eventually extracted the radium.She is strong, no matter how difficult, she never give up, it is worth our study, we 管介构获超草文also want to like Madame Curie, not only to the brain, to begin to practice.In o收电开转社ur life, there are new ...


有关春天的英语作文 spring Rain

英语作文spring Rainspring comes.lt'sgetting warmer and warmer.Everything is dry, trees, fields and even the air. Just then, it rains. lt's as sof环础字爱t as silk. ltwashes the dirty of the ear校实th and waters the plants and t县连治阻些吸价副帮预he fields. lt also waters people's hears. Farmers stand in the spring rain and smile.Spring rain is as dear as oil They seem to see t场胜杆渐去面国非呢he harvest time inautumn. Spring rain ...


我的房间(my room)英语作文

This is my room. It is very attractive. It is the pin述体型某是困k. Looked! That is the baby kingdom! Lovable Tidy Xiong He the beautiful banana plant is beckoni句及全种其ng compar危成规怕切ed to the baby to you! In the baby kingdom also has the toy car the toy puppy! My small bed is the pink the bed sheet is also rusting the rose tweed. Above the bed is a leaf of window. Every morning the sunlight can shine thro争优某从企台策二士连ugh from the 被历明wind ...



Hi, Mr。 Li,Could you please check on th含使额责许还呢战巴e car to take me to the airport? Please remind the car driver 地只成发庆织of this。 I want to be sure of this car, because it will be too early in the morning to call a taxi if the school car doesn’t show up。 I am sorry to trouble you again。 Here I thank you again for all you have done for me during my stay in your school。 I really enjoy teaching here, ...


Our dream英语作文

I 垂无川have a little brother called"Tony"this is his english ed"toby"butwe growed notsame we all have thesame dream.One da着造审将动真义害喜y.I was goin职单动什弱财影放g to play football.I just went out ."Tobycan I play football with you .”he said "why do you go?”I asked. he looked ver劳肉注煤衣红饭十十沿角y carefulso I said:"ok!good boylet us go.”on foot学益象象水ball other w架的甲植烟年委脚承跑as the smellestbuthe too smell to ran didn’t ...


my eat甲乡ing habits英语作文

歌维帝既各甲Everyone has his or her habits.such as studying habits,sleeping habits and eating habits.Now let me tell you about my eati乱轮冷威ng habits .my favourite food is chinese food include rice ,noodles,and many flavor dishes form many different cities.one day i have three dinners,usually i eat some fruits after the d初宗洋宽投改怀触造inner .i don,t like junk foo陆零普经没甚支高内d .for exa冷地定加异半知起陆mple ,hangberg ,chip and so on .i have a good eating habit ...



Therearefourseasonsinayear.Myfavouriteseasonisspring.Springisc校办发抗践尼除吗序olorful.Thesun氢修模isred,theskyi声术督兴sblue,theclouds距需地谈绿相阳架又工aresnow-whi理去入见与te,andthetreesbecomegre丰月除适显宜侵谓空社en.Inspring,thereareflowerseverywhere.Thebirdscomebackfromthesouthandsinghapp坏着促期ilyallday.Every-thingcomesbacktolifeagain.Look,themountainbecomesgreen,thewaterbecomesgreen,thechildrenareflyingkiteshappily!Whatabeautifulseason!翻译:一年有四个季节。我最喜 .温茶识坏..



IwanttobeatourguidebecauseBeijingwillhostthe2008OlympicGames.TherewillbemanypeopletocometoChinafromallovertheworld.Mostofthemdon'tknowChinese.TheywanttovisitmanyinterestingplacesinChina.Icanbe甲阳经距调不条督境还oneoftheguides.Icanmakemuchmoney,too.HowhappyIwillbe!Sofromnowon,Imust电士训studyhard.IamgoingtolearnEnglisheveryday.Iwilltrymybesttomakeitcometrue.我想成为一名导游,因为北京将举办2008年奥运会。 ...



This is our cl发客专边所assroom, w脸期往医的转许费普hich is a nice big room.The windows are big and the walls are white. There is a blackboard on the front wall. On the back wall there is a map, which is a map of China.In front of the blackboard there is a big desk, it is for the teacher.There are forty small desks and chairs in the room. They are for us studens. What's on the teacher's desk? There are some flowers.这是 ...