A beautiful city(一个美丽的城市)英语作文

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Beijing is the capital of China. It\'s modern and beautiful. When you were traveling in Beijing you will see museums parks and shopping centers here and there. Wherever you go you can see green trees grass and beautiful flowers. There are a lot of highways and overhead walkways too. And there are a lot of buses which burn cleaner fuel such as CNG or LPG. So the air in Beijing is cleaner than before. Beijing is very old. It has a history of over three thousand years. As an old city there are many places of historic interest in Beijing. Such as the Tiananmen Square the Great Wall the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace,Beihai Park and so on. People in Beijing love sports and take part in sports actively. As we all know Beijing has been successfully in her bidding for the 2008 Olympic Games. I\'m sure greater changes will take place in Beijing in the next few years. Beijing is a famous and beautiful city so I love Beijing.

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