Introduce Myself(自我介绍)英语作文

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Hello,everybody。Nice to meet you。Now,let me introduce myself。

My name is Duan Ertu(It’s not my real name)。You can call me Tutu。I will be a middle school student so I am very excited about it。I want to be an actress,being an actress is my dream。Do you want to be an actress?If your answer is ‘Yes’,now let"s work hard together。Maybe one day we can realize our dreams。

I"m a moody girl。My favourite colour is pink and I have some pink clothes。I like number 5 most,because it is my lucky number in 2007。I have many hobbies,such as reading books,sleeping,swimming and so on。But I like reading books most。I have many books,about seventy books。

I work hard at all my lessons。Among all the subjects, I like English most,but my English is not very good。I know it is not easy to learn English well,so I will double my efforts。

It"s me——a strange girl。But I hope we can be friends。

---The End---

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