Reducing Weight英语作文

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Do you know Yang Guifei? She was very fat, but the emperor thought she was the most beautiful lady at that time。

But now, everyone thinks slim ladies are beautiful。 My mother feels she is getting fatter and fatter, so she has decided to reduce weight。

At 6 o’clock every morning, when my mother gets up, she begins to run in the playground。 Every day, she runs about 5,000 metres。

When we have meals, my mother always has only a little food。 She once said, “If I have too much food, I will be fatter。” And she often cooks less food than before。 These days, my father and I can’t get enough food either。 So we don’t agree on my mother’s decision。

Yesterday, my mother was sad when she came back from work。 She said, “I have only reduced 0。5 kilograms!” I was very happy。 I thought my mother would change her mind, but my mother said with a smile, “I must try my best to reduce weight!”

Oh, my God!

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