A letter to my mother英语作文

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Dear mother,

I’m very happy to drop you a line, how is it going recently?

I write this letter to tell you what I want to say, thank you for all the things you have done for me, you are the person who I love best。 As a mother, you love me very much, while I can do nothing for you。 The reason why I love you is that not only have you done me so much, but also you always tell me to be willing to help others and devote myself to society in the future。 On the one hand, you are my mother, on the other hand you are also my teacher, I will keep your words in mind all the time。 I also want to say I will study harder in order not to let you down, I have confidence in myself, I believe there is nothing difficult if you put your heart into it。 I think I will succeed by means of perseverance。

Now I must stop here, with my best regards。



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