The beautiful spring英语作文

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Spring is coming, the ringing of a bird came out of the window, I woke up from my dream.

I wake up, see have sunlight in the warmth of my home, I ran to the window and open the window, wow!A beautiful scenery outside?

Willow trees grow new leaves, soft branches, like a little girl's hair, shake sway with the out of the green grass on the ground, like spring's eyebrows. There are colorful flowers, red, yellow, blue, purple, its fragrance attracted throngs of cute little bee, the small bees in the flowers happily flying, fly from one flower to another a bee saw there are a lot of honey on a flower, hurriedly tell everybody: "come on! There was a lot of honey on the flower."Other small bee heard the "buzz" to fly in the past, the lively sound as if to say: "the mining must adopt more than last time!" I love the beautiful spring.

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