On computers(在电脑上)英语作文

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Dear Editor,

I’m writing to tell you how us use puters in our daily lives

Most of us use puters to search for more information about the interesting problems on the textbooks, about Iraqi wars and about Oscar Some of us use puters to do some drawings, to make up interesting flashes And some of us use them to play games If we are tired and want to take a short rest, playing games for a while is OK But it’s forbidden that we spend hours and hours on the games There is also someone using puters to talk with people in the Internet and even falling in love with him or her The Internet is not a real world and we can’t tell lies from truths So falling in love with somebody on the Internet is not safe and is bad for our study We should keep ourselves out of it

That’s all I know

Good luck!

Yours truly,

Li Hua

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