I think everything is possible

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Through these years, I get a conclusion。 That is everything is possible。 Why I said so? Please listen to me。

Let me give you some examples。 Firstly, of course is that I attended this competition—Star of Outlook English Talent Competition! On Jan。 1st, I stood at the stage of the first competition。 At that day, I was very nerves even that my legs shivered all the time。 But I thought that I should do my best since I came here and everything is possible after all。 This thought let me get a good mark 90。4。 Then I made adequate preparation for the coming semi-finals。 The semi-finals day was arrived, I was not as nerves as before but I did not relax, too。 I really wanted to enter the finals of this competition。 When I came to the stage, I was nerves again。 But I still remember that everything is possible! Maybe I could win。 At last I entered the finals for the high mark 91。5。

Feb。 19th, the exciting and nerves day was coming。 On the stage, I did my best to present myself。 Maybe I was not the best one in all the contestants, but I made big progress。 A nerve was like a tracked missile, it would attack you anytime。 I was attacked, too。 But when I felt nerves, I remembered that saying—everything is possible! That made me calm down and have excellent behavior。 At last I got the third among the winners for 8-->

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