The Olympic Games in London英语作文

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With the clap and laughter flying aroundLondon is the winner in the 30th Internatinal Olympic Games\' competition.

In consideration of London\'s successthere are three points cannot be ignored.

As is known to all London is a gardon city. When you step into the city you will find yourself deeply attractted by the beautiful suroundings around.

Moreoverthere are lots of standard stadiums and gymnasiums for Olympic Gamessuch as the swimming poolsfootball playground and basketball gyms. In addition several years ago London used to successfully hold an Olympic Game. Owning this cherish experienceLondon will surely hold a more wonderful one.

Generally speakingOlympic is not only a simple sport but another name for sports\'spirit as well. In London exercising has become a hobby in every child\'s heart.

So in the end London become the holder for 2012 Olympic Game.

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