Our Lifetime(我们的生活)英语作文

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There is a good Chinese saying, “The God give us lives and they must be used。” That means we are all helpful and different。 We each have our own skills and talent。 None of us should have no ambition。

So, we should try to make our lifetime interesting and worthy。 Let’s turn our mind to many years ago。 Mao Zedong led the people to win their victories and gave them freedom and independence。 He is also a famous educator。 He is a gentleman。 We are all sure that his lifetime is helpful。

As a middle school student, the most important is to learn very well and study further。 I think we should build a thought in our mind: Never put it till tomorrow that should be done today。 Of course, we should have our own skill。 And use it to make our country even more advanced。

Certainly, we’ll not feel empty。 We are proud!

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