My Classmates我的同学们英语作文及翻译

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  I have many friends in my class.There are 45 students in my classroom. they are interesting and lovely. I would like to introduce some of them.

  Hellen is very cute. she's also kind to everyone and she's very enthusiastic.She's always ready to help everyone, but she is forgetful. She always forgets to bring her school things, such as pens, ruler,textbooks and so on. But our teachers always forgive her. Robert is the most talkative boy in our class. His nickname is "chatterbox". He has a great sense of humor and he always makes me laugh.

  Sweet is a quiet student.She is good at every subject but she never shows off. Ken is a very tall boy. He plays basketball very well and he is on our school team. He often says, "playing basketball is good for your health. " How about your classmates? Do you like them? Try to admire your classmates and you will be happier.



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