The winter vacation diary英语作文

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Winter arrived, is the winter vacation I very happy, because I can with little friends together make a snowman in winter, can set off firecrackers in time to have the Spring Festival.

This year's winter seems not very cold, the daily weather is very sunny, the sun shines the earth, like spring breeze wind blowing face, the original can also be so comfortable in winter. The morning opened the curtain is a sunny day, and looked like the day the moodis very good. Father and mother went to work, they are very hard, so today I want to give parents a surprise is that doing housework, put both inside and outside of the roomclean, suddenly remembered dad said to be able to share to help others, so I put thecorridor clean this up and down the stairs of uncle aunt go a comfortable, see are mygood boy, that to help others is a happy thing. See table eleven, to parents do meal,just do it, two scoops of rice into the rice cooker add some water to the rice cookingbutton on it, then peel the potatoes, the rest will not do, we can only wait for mom and dad came back, a door parents say fragrant ah who cook, I ran out to tell them I work,parents pleased bad, and I see their eyes are moist.

The arrival of winter should be exercise when we own now is not the time to complete the holiday, so be sure to help my parents to do some things do everything in one's power!

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